Singular Oversight.



Complex site or multi-site installation, with only a few installers or many, your network project has a ton of moving parts—and you don’t have the staff on hand to manage every cable, worker and project in your program. The goal: A well-choreographed dance of installers completing work efficiently and effectively on a full schedule of inter-related projects. The reality: Disconnection, discord, and a client who just wants one point of contact.

nflexon puts all the pieces together — with program management teams that map out individual projects using the project life cycle process of initiating, planning, executing and close out, then convene into a single point of contact to oversee all work under a broader program. It’s a simpler, easier way to put the puzzle of IT infrastructure together.


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Contact nflexon Client Services for more information. With an average of 20 years of experience in cabling infrastructure planning, design and installation, our team is capable of managing infrastructure projects of any size.

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