From Complex To Calm.


The start of an IT infrastructure project always has a lot of moving parts. So many variables, so many complex choices—from what level of products need to be installed (Intelligent, manageable switches or unmanaged “rack and stack” switches? What brand and model?), to who will handle all the tasks involved in getting the work over the finish line (Who will design, install, configure and manage your switching and routing network?). The goal: Build for the future, without creating chaos today. The reality: Hiring enterprise-scale resources for non-enterprise level projects can be a costly mismatch.

Consider nflexon part of your team. We’re independent, product agnostic, and offer consulting services aimed at helping you every step of the way, from making the right design and product decisions, to installation, and even initial and ongoing configuration. No network hardware vendor sales incentives here—just decades of networking experience directed at your project, every day.

Let’s get this project started.

Contact nflexon Client Services to engage one of our Project Managers. With an average of 20 years of experience in cabling infrastructure planning, design and installation, our team is capable of managing infrastructure projects of any size.

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