The World’s First . . .
Peace-of-mind network cable monitoring solution for dynamic PoE applications

Your work is about to get easier.

We’re developing a groundbreaking solution that provides real-time compliance monitoring and assurance for supporting current and future PoE applications that run on yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s network cable.

Did You Know That…

As your PoE environment migrates to higher power devices, so does the opportunity for stressing network cables beyond their normal operating temperature rating and current carrying capacity. It is possible to have a continuous monitoring solution that assures a proper cable operating environment, alleviating the need for more expensive large gauge cables and the burden of demonstrating adherence to the NEC ampacity table – all without disrupting network transmission.

What if You Could Have…

Peace-of-mind knowing that your network cables remain in compliance – especially important as more and more PoE devices are integrated into your network.

  • Continuous and precise measurement of DC current to network cable conductors
  • User-defined circuit breaker like functionality
  • Instantaneous and constant calculation of temperature rise in each cable

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